Who Is Girl Friday?

Thank you for visiting Girl Friday, I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us. My name is Camilla and I would like to tell you more about who I am and why I care!

I currently live in Campbell River with my spouse, two children and our two dogs, but this isn't where my journey began.

2010 was a pivotal year for me with the loss of two very important and influential people in my life. As a result, I found myself in need of a change. Much of my working career up until that point had been in finance, but in 2011 I took "a leap of faith", moving from Victoria to Courtenay where I bought my first small business and followed my passion for up-cycling and re-purposing. Transitioning from a management role within a large corporation to owning and operating a small business was an interesting experience. What I loved the most about each was the same; the ability to connect with people and help them to be successful in their own lives. 

Making a positive difference in the lives of others is my passion. I am fortunate to have spent the past couple of years working with local non-profits in both the Campbell River and Comox Valley regions in various capacities. During my time with these organizations I experienced many instances where I could not help clients because the type of support they needed did not fall within the organization's directive. I had difficulty identifying other community agencies to refer these clients to, as each non-profit is restricted by it's own organizational mandate and often limited in their ability to offer timely support as they depend on a volunteer workforce. It became clear to me that there are gaps in the type of help that is available in the community - and this became my inspiration for Girl Friday.