How I Can Help

A simple conversation is where it all begins (complimentary, of course) - so let's talk! 

In my time supporting others I have learned two consistent truths; no two people are the same, and the needs of others vary as much as they themselves do. I started this business with the goal of supporting people in living their best life; of helping those whose needs do not fall into certain categories or directives - those who just need help with the things that seem daunting, overwhelming, or simply just "too much".

There is no chart or diagram to providing the practical assistance that truly makes a difference. The best way to know how I can help is for you to tell me! So let's sit down together, develop a connection - I will tell you about myself and, when you're ready, you can tell me about you and your life. Together we will strive to make it the best life possible!


Ways I Can Help

Special projects

~ Moving ~ Downsizing ~ Legacy Planning

~ Event Planning ~ Fundraising ~ Sorting & Organization

household tasks

~ Light Cleaning ~ Errands ~ Laundry, Ironing & Mending

~ Pet Assistance ~ Grocery & Personal Shopping

~ Meal Planning & Preparation ~ Gardening

Home Administration

~ Letter Writing ~ Reading ~ General Computer Assistance

~ Transportation Assistance ~ Appointment Accompaniment

customized assistance

Not every need you or your loved one may have will be listed here, but that doesn't mean I cannot help. Consultations are always free, so if you have a question, need clarification, or need a specific form of assistance - let me know. I can customize a Support Plan for almost every need you have!

** PLEASE NOTE: All of the support I provide is of a practical, non-medical nature, but that doesn't mean I cannot help. If you require assistance that I do not provide, I will work with you to help find it - so let's talk!